Ellie Turns Two

Two years ago this morning at 10:54 am after 30 some freaking long hours of labor, my world forever shifted. Everything about her arrival had been unplanned. I remember when I first discovered those two pink lines that I most certainly did not expect to see. I was alone and immediately started pacing my bedroom and whispering through my hand, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh…” I remember the first time hearing her heartbeat, seeing the outline of her face and her fingers, thinking I had never experienced anything that moved me so much. I remember so very well the words, “It’s a girl!” and thinking I might have a heart attack because I had been so convinced she was a boy. I remember the first time I felt her move and instantly freezing, hoping I would feel it again and again and again. I remember growing out of all my clothes and shoes and wondering if I’d ever be able to tie my shoes or sleep on my stomach again. I remember sitting on the floor of her nursery, folding all her new unworn clothes, imagining what life would soon be like. And then as unexpectedly as her life began, she came–two weeks early in fact.  What began as a peaceful homebirth soon turned into a dangerously long labor causing us to transport to the nearest hospital 30 minutes away. I remember throwing up and shaking and hands I’d never seen suddenly all over me. I remember thinking the next person who asked me one more question was going to get kicked in the face. I remember holding out on medical intervention for so long and then feeling so defeated when I succumbed after complete exhaustion. I wondered if there was even a baby coming at all. And then, after what felt like the longest weekend of my life, she was there–the life my body sustained for 9 months, my little miracle. I’m convinced that when her heart began beating on the outside of me so did mine. The two years following would be the absolute hardest of my life and I know without a doubt that if it weren’t for her being there I wouldn’t be here. She was named, Eliora Joy, because it means, “God is my light.” Her nickname, Ellie means, “bright shining one.” I prayed every day that light and joy would be what others saw in her. The Lord answers prayers, you guys! She was also born on the first day of summer which couldn’t be more fitting. She has been my warmth and sunshine in every sense of the word. She gives me so much life and nothing brings me more joy than celebrating her. So here’s to you my darling girl. Happy birthday. 🙂

This video is a compilation of all my favorite memories of Ellie from this past year. I created it on my phone and the project ended up crashing so I wasn’t able to finalize it like I planned. But nonetheless, I hope it brings a smile to your face like it does mine. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ellie Turns Two

  1. Such a great way to celebrate such a little pumpkin! I love reading what you write, you’re gifted! Happy birthday to Ellie and happy Labor Day (weekend I guess it was) to you. So glad you are healing and free! 🙂

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