The 10 Best Things About Being a Mom

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work. -C.S. Lewis


Motherhood. The most exhausting wonderful gift there ever was. How can something require every single ounce of physical and emotional effort and strength yet be the most life-giving experience of a lifetime? It will forever remain a mystery. So in honor of celebrating the givers of life I’m sharing my ten favorite things about raising my little.


1. Everything in life suddenly becomes 10 times more exciting. I recently went to the beach and all I could think about was how much more excited I was for Ellie to see the beach than for me to be at the beach ha!

2. You always have a reason to shop. The perks of a kid who’s always growing is a mom who’s always shopping. It’s a win all around.

3. You love and appreciate your own mom so much more. I didn’t even think this was possible. I have the best mom ever. But you haven’t a clue of all she went through/did for you until you’re in the same shoes. And let me tell ya, she’s deserving of celebration on the daily.

4. You find joy in the simple things again. Library books, a new snack, spotting a puppy on a walk, blowing a dandelion…everything is wonderful to a child and it makes you stop and see some of the loveliness you may have begun to miss.

5. The smiles and laughter. After Ellie was born all I looked forward to was that first smile, that smile that I knew without a doubt was returning mine. There’s nothing like it. And their laughter. It literally brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it because truly there’s no better sound in the entire world.

6. Your patience and understanding sky rocket to a whole new level. This especially kicks in once your child reaches the I-can-do-it-myself stage. And remember getting annoyed when someone’s kid was losing their mind in public? Or judging that mom for having their child on a leash? Or wondering why in the world all the pictures they posted anymore was of their baby? You totally get it now.

7. You don’t take for granted the things you did before. A trip to the store alone, a long shower, a hot cup of coffee, an uninterrupted meal…things you wouldn’t have thought twice about before now take on a whole new level of wonderful.

8. You get a whole new group of friends. There’s one common thread among moms that brings us all together. We all wonder if we’re abnormal and we all think we’re doing it wrong. Surprise! We’re not. We’re all just in the same boat getting rocked by the same waves. And we’re all in this together. (Cue High School Musical…)

9. You become a better person. I remember the first time Ellie imitated me. It was both incredible and terrifying because for the first time it hit me that she was watching me. She was going to do the things I did. And I realized that from then on I was going to strive to be the person I also wanted her to be.

10. You gain a whole new understanding of God’s love. The love for your child is a love that makes you both want to live and die. You’d jump in front of a truck for them in an instant. And at the same time nothing makes you want to live more, live to give them the best life possible. And if this is how much we can love in our earthly, imperfect hearts, how much more does the Father love us? It just blows my mind.

Share your favorite thing(s) about motherhood! I’d love to hear. : ) Now for some throwbacks…


Scan 3
My mom–the best woman I’ve ever known.
Scan 4
Winter of ’94
Scan 5
Going to see the Nutcracker. Circa 1999.
Eliora Joy, the first time she smiled back at me.
1st birthdays come way too fast.
Together is our favorite place to be.

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