10 Things to Do This Fall {Beyond the Pumpkin Patch}

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” -Oscar Wilde 


Nothing like the arrival of autumn to make it feel like everything is right in the world again, like you can breathe again. Between the sweater weather, the PSLs, the comfort food, and all the cozy, what’s not to like? Below are some things to help you celebrate the season (all are essentially free!). So cheers to fall, the best season of them all.


1. Sip hot apple cider and go for an early morning walk. Even if the days are still warm this will give you an excuse to break out a sweater and feel festive. We’re all overeager. ; )


2. Turn one of your fall scarves into a kimono! Tutorials here –> DIY Kimono from a Scarf  or DIY No-Sew Kimono from a Scarf 


3. Make a homemade pie. You’re allowed to cheat with a pre-made crust. (Immaculate Baking is my favorite “healthy” one) This is my favorite apple pie recipe that I make every Thanksgiving –> Crunch Top Apple Pie (Tip: Use a variety of apples but include Granny Smith. Cut the sugar by 1/4 cup minimum up to half of what it calls for depending on your preference. This is Paula Deen, people.)


4. Make a fire, invite some friends, and have a marshmallow roasting contest.


5. DIY a pumpkin face mask. Pumpkin is so good for your skin! And freshly baked pumpkin is even better. Recipe here –> DIY Pumpkin Mask


6. Re-read a favorite book. (My non fictions favorites: anything by CS Lewis. Fiction favorites: anything by Kristen Heitzmann)


7. Closet clean out! Make two piles. Put all the items you absolutely love in one and put everything else in the other. Drop off whatever you don’t love at your local consignment store/Goodwill. If you have the time and want to make some extra $, list your things on the free Mercari app. You get to keep 100% of your sales and you may just make enough to get a whole new fall wardrobe. Get $2 off with code: SVEYTD


8. Make your house smell amazing by creating your own potpourri. (Tutorial here)


9. Create a playlist of some good drive-to tunes, gather your fam or grab your bestie, and go for a scenic drive to see all the autumn colors. Your playlist will always bring back happy memories. : )


10. Visit a nearby small town you’ve never been to. Look up the local favorites and make a day out of discovering some of them. (This could go along with #9!)


Let me know what you’ll be adding to your list in the comments below or make some suggestions of your own!

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